June 21, 2018

Happy Monday. Each week we hand pick the most interesting tech/security related topics and send them to you. This week Spotify are pretty cross with people for using hacked versions of their app, our Fail of the Week is a security camera with more holes than Swiss cheese and you can listen to the inaugural episode of our new podcast, Stop Being Stupid.

Stop Being Stupid

We made a short podcast. About tech things. It’s marginally amusing.

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Self-driving Pizza

Imagine if your Domino's was delivered in a self-driving car. Progress or what?

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Eat Your Own Dogfood

Spotify are pretty fed up with people using hacked versions of their app.

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EA Server Fury

EA games made teenage boys cry yesterday when their servers went down worldwide. For hours.

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Cam Can't

Here's our Fail of the Week. Hanwha Techwin from Cancun make security cameras. Really, really badly.

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Hacking your own body?

Having microchips under your skin could replace keys and wallets in the future. Here come the bodyhackers.

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