November 22, 2019

Welcome back. 2018 is now here and there’s a whole lot of things that are going to change. GDPR being the largest on the horizon. Are you ready for it? Do you care about it? Are we going to get ‘hacking fatigue’? Will so many more large orgs get hacked this year that our data stops being something we even care about? What do you think? Let us know.

Sent Items

Facebook decides to up its security game.

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Apple get flack for refusing to break the rules of physics.

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Order Loo Roll

High end audio getting punked - check your doors.

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Naughty Step

China decides to block thousands of new sites.

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OMG LULZ!!!111

If you get sent a facebook video as a zip, just don't click.

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phpMyAdmin Hacked

Run phpMyAdmin? Upgrade or patch, like, right now.

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