June 18, 2018

Happy Monday. Each week we hand pick the most interesting tech/security related topics and send them to you. This week we’re looking at security lax Dropbox’s latest partnership with Google, Twitter are cracking down on bots, and a CEO of a SSL reseller is in hot water after sending 23,000 private keys over email. I mean, seriously?

Tracking again

Tamoco is tracking you. Starbucks, train stations, motorway services - nowhere is safe.

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You a bot?

Twitter are cracking down & suspending suspected bot accounts in the #Twitterlockout.

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Dropbox have done a cash deal with Google to snoop on your files. Expect more advertising...

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Codebar Brighton

It's super important to invest in local talent. Last week we hosted our first Codebar Brighton event.

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CERTainly a cock up

The CEO of a SSL reseller emailed 23,000 private keys and then all those certs were revoked. Dā€™oh.

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Help, Alexa!

Voice assistants are always listening, apparently. So, what would happen if you were a victim of crime?

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