January 17, 2020

Ah. Finally. January draws to a close. And during this long month, the sort of stories we’re covering hasn’t really changed. Phishing. Hacking. Security. IoT. What will February hold in store for us? No one can be sure. But, I imagine someone will be hacked, some IoT device with have more holes in it that Swiss cheese and Hallmark will guilt us into spending money on chocolate and dead trees in the name of love. Ahhh.

Appetite for destruction

Of all the adversaries that cybersecurity bods have to face, it’s not always the most obvious ones that cause the most damage.

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Supermarket Swipe

The Amazon Go store in Seattle is the first of its kind where you can buy items without the need for cashiers or self-service tills. Sounds risky?

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De Ja Vu-lnerability

This just in: people are still stupid. Scammers are still successfully tricking people into clicking on sketchy links they get sent via social media.

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A sysadmin from the European Commission shares stories of stupidity. “Pete” shares a few tales of immense idiocy last week.

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Bug The Bounty Hunter

What kind of person hunts bugs? It usually involves spending hours looking over code. The rewards are usually high though. So, who does it?

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Internet of Insecure Things

AI is starting to take over. Echo Dot was the top-selling product on Amazon over the Christmas period in 2017. Assistants were all over CES. What next?

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