January 17, 2020

Some real shockers this week. Android malware that lets people record any audio from your mic. Hawaii missile scares and some interesting data about what happened when they got the all clear. All sorts.

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La Dolce Creeper

A very clever bit of malware can read your messages and listen to your mic. If you use Android. And are Italian. And have installed it.

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Bad UI caused an emergency alert to be sent to every smart phone in Hawaii. The interesting thing is what people did when they got given the all clear.

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Let’s Not Encrypt

We all love a freebie, right? Like Let’s Encrypt’s wonderful free SSL certs. Although, maybe not so great if you’re on shared hosting…

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You’re coding it wrong

The group that advise on ECMAScript (TC39) have just suggested that semicolons can be omitted in certain situations; and some people have lost their minds.

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Pixelated reality

We thought that the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were cool, but then along came the Pimax 8K. Minds. Blown. The only downside is that your brain is struggling to keep up.

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We all remember Apple revealing at the beginning of the month that they slow down old iPhone batteries. Now four US House Republicans have sent a letter to Apple’s CEO to complain.

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