June 21, 2018

Happy Monday. Each week we hand pick the most interesting tech/security related topics and send them to you. This week we’re looking at why AI automation is keeping software developers awake at night, why Google are cracking down on dodgy HTTP sites, and our offbeat fairy tale featuring Steve, the IT Manager.

AI is coming for your job

What keeps software developers awake at night? (We asked the team here and their answers weren’t very PG.)

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The Sparkly Forest

How did 7 Hyve security experts help Steve, The IT Manager, make the Sparkly Forest secure again?

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HTTP has had its day

Google is cracking down on HTTP sites. Finally. It's been a lengthy process, but finally they're taking security seriously.

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Very Public Cloud

Some anon hackers have released a tool that lets anyone search for unsecured private data on AWS.

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More Google tracking

‘Low battery anxiety’ is one of the biggest fears of this generation. There's talk of Google sharing battery life...

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Got a Netgear router? Well, they're not secure, Shocker. We recommend you get patching straight away.

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