2016 industry predictions

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5 January 2016

We’ve put together a list of industry predictions for next year

Cloud Computing is now an integral part of IT. Whilst some people have been slow to join the movement, 2016 is truly the year of the cloud.

Cloud in 2016 – More businesses will be unable to still justify building large and complex networks, and will look to outsource IT. Cloud computing adoption has continued to grow year on year, and 2016 looks like a great one.

The rise of Hybrid Cloud The multi-cloud environment is set to really take momentum this year. Businesses can lock down sensitive information and then use public cloud for test data.

Cloud Management – Off the shelf clouds are great if you have the expertise to manage them. More SMEs will look to cut costs in 2016 by outsourcing to a managed cloud host.

Security is paramount – 2016 is the year that everyone needs to get safe online, including businesses making online safety a major business principle.

Not so smartphones – Cybercrime will switch to smartphones. As technology advances, so do the cyber criminals. There has been a huge transformation in the way that we can now pay for things, so Apple Pay, Google Pay and eWallets will surely be a target. Security here is integral.

Cyber attacks get more complex – And they will continue to. Nation-state groups and cyber criminals will continue to look for increasingly complex and devious ways to compromise networks and data.

More smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) – Wearable tech, smart homes, smart cities. We’re becoming more reliant on, and connected to the Internet every day. There are some seriously futuristic and incredible projects which are set to be launched over the next few years.



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