August 14, 2018

Happy Monday. Each week we hand pick the most interesting tech/security related topics and send them to you. This week we learnt about the tech behind HaptX, the VR glove that’s about to make virtual reality just that bit cooler. Strava haven’t had the best month though, thanks to their ‘on-by-default’ security gaffe. Cue all the super secret military base and troop movement reveals on Twitter…

"Slow 10k around the base"

PSA: Change your Strava settings if you're in the military, or on a top secret mission. Or don't want your jogging tracked.

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Fingerprint Manager Woe

Levono hard coded a password into their fingerprint scanner on various Thinkpad models. Yup, the thing that you use to log into the PC. Secure.

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Little Green Bag

You thought employees checking your social feed for evidence of a misspent youth was bad? How about Silk Road?

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A recent report revealed who carried out big DDoS attacks. Points for guessing correctly (probs China or Russia).

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Can('t) touch this

Seattle based start-up, HaptX, has developed a VR glove that makes virtual reality so real that you can touch it.

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Predictable passwords

Passwords are on the way out, and older people don't trust biometrics. Surprised? We're not.

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