123-reg’s errors reinforce need for managed hosting

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27 April 2016

1-2-3 reg deleted hundreds of servers…

VPS failures
Most of you will have heard about the issues with 123-reg last week. The web host deleted hundreds of business’s servers in error during maintenance. As 123-reg is a virtual private server (VPS) host, they do not provide backups of servers as part of the packages that they offer.

Twitter backlash
The coverage from the tech and mainstream press outlined the issues associated with VPS and public cloud hosting services. Twitter was a battleground for distressed customers, who were tweeting their stories and asking for a timeline for getting their sites back online. It seemed that this is where most of the frustrations lie, that customers needed a response from the host itself.

You get what you pay for
With hosting, it may be an overused phrase, but you do get what you pay for. With managed hosts you are paying for the quality platform, security, guaranteed uptime and customer support. The issues with 123-reg are a prime example of why you should value your company data, and ultimately protect it. Backing up your data and applications should be managed by your host to ensure that you are protected.

So many people are drawn to the fact that these services are low cost, which is fine for hosting a simple site, but when you are placing your business in the hands of a provider,  it is wise to choose quality over cost.

Lost data 🙁
This has caused catastrophic problems for small businesses across the UK, with so many sites losing all their data. 123-reg advised that customers should be able to restore from their own backups in order to get back online. The sad fact is that so many businesses didn’t have backups, so have been left in a very precarious situation in terms of their site and company reputation with the prolonged downtime.


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