100% uptime on Netcraft’s monitoring platform

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20 September 2018
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When it comes to performance, our high availability, ‘no single point of failure’ hosting platform enables us to offer the highest level of network uptime for our customers.

Hyve has used Netcraft, an external hosting analytics provider, since June 2016 for performance monitoring. During this two year period we have achieved 100% uptime, as recorded by Netcraft’s monitoring platform.

Netcraft track the response times of leading hosting providers and have a monthly top 10 ‘Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites’ leader board on their website. Hyve has been in the top 10 more than any other monitored host and in first position several times.

“It’s great to be recognised by Netcraft for achieving 100% uptime over the past two years – if only we started monitoring sooner! We run our own site on the same cloud platform that we host our customers on, so the results are truly testament to the reliability of our cloud platform”, said Jake Madders, Director of Hyve Managed Hosting.

"Netcraft has never observed an outage for Hyve Managed Hosting's website, giving it 100% uptime for over 2 years since Netcraft began monitoring it in June 2016" -  Wenxiao Yuan, Internet Services Manager at Netcraft.

Netcraft take performance measurements from separate points around the internet, and averages are then calculated in the preceding 24hour period.

The monitors are recording from different points around the world, with agents that ping the servers to test response times. Some of the hosts that are using Netcraft’s performance monitoring service host the agent for Netcraft, so this actually gives the host a huge advantage when the agents are being tested as the host is using the same data centre.

Some hosts also use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as CloudFlare, so Netcraft are monitoring the response times of the CDN rather than the host’s platform.

Hyve has consistently been in Netcraft’s top 10 despite not using a CDN or hosting Netcraft’s agents, so this really reinforces our achievements over the past two years.

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