Spam is arriving in my inbox / real emails are being identified as spam

Our new spam system is integrated with 3rd party global spam fighters. (Mail Filters). This system does learn, but you may wish to report any spam that gets through to your mailbox by emailing it directly to spam@hyve.com. From there it will be scanned and included in the worldwide spam database for future filtering.

If you receive any emails marked as spam that are in fact real emails, you can report those in the same way to falsespam@hyve.com.

Please be sure to attach the email, rather than simply sending it, as this will include the relevant header information as well.

Emails contain **spam** in the subject

This is the new spam rule. If you are using Outlook we recommend that you set up a rule to automatically delete or move all emails prefixed with **spam** in the subject.

This can be done within Outlook by clicking on Tools > Rules and Alerts. Click on “New Rule” and follow the wizard.

How do I set up my Access Database in Plesk?

Upload your Access database file (.mdb) to the “/Private” folder which is above your web root. You will then either need to use OLEDB or a System DSN to connect your website to your DB. You may also need to write to Hyve support and ask us to set the appropriate permissions on the private folder. Please test this first and contact us if it is still not working.


OLEDB does not require any server-side configurations, so you would simply write your code to reference the DB with the following connection string:

"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=E:\inetpub\vhosts\private\mydb.mdb;User Id=;Password=;"

System DSN

Using a system DNS a slower method of communicating with the server. It is also an older system which requires a server-side configuration. This is how to do it via Plesk:

  • Click “ODBC Settings” within domain manager
  • Click “Add New ODBC DSN”
  • Add the name you wish to use to reference the DB from your code
  • Select “Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)”
  • Follow the wizard and save the configuration

Next, you will need to use the following DSN connection string:


The only reason for using a DSN would be because your site is already written using this older connection technique.

Do you offer any control panel software?

Yes. We provide Plesk control panel software to our reseller clients.

Is PERL / CGI supported?

We have Active State Perl installed on all of our plans. This can be activated and your cgi-bin created upon request. Just drop an email to support.

Do you support PHP?

PHP 4.3.9 is installed on all windows and Linux servers.

Can I use Telnet to connect to my Linux server?

All dedicated Linux web hosting accounts support OpenSSH for encrypted data transfer.

Can I use my own custom DLLs?

All Windows web hosting plans support DLLs, either with COM+ or .net assemblies. Hyve do however reserve the right to view the DLL source code before registering them live on a shared server.

Is Microsoft ASP supported?

Yes. All windows web hosting plans support asp and aspx.

Is .net code supported?

Microsoft .Net framework (ASPx) is supported on all Windows hosting packages for no extra charge.

Do you support MS frontPage server extensions?

When ordering a hosting plan, tick the box to request MS FrontPage Server Extension compatibility. There is no extra charge for this service.

Can I use Microsoft FrontPage subwebs?

Yes. Simply create your own from the MS FrontPage client application.

Do you support Streaming Media?

Yes we support all versions of MS streaming media.

Do you support Macromedia Cold Fusion?

Yes, this is an optional service. Please request it from our sales or support team.

Do you support FTP?

Yes, this is supported on all of our web hosting plans.

FTP is not working – why?

Once you have purchased a hosting plan with Hyve, we will send you an email, detailing all the relevant connection information. If you are having problems connecting, a common error is not specifying the ‘default folder’ or ‘initial directory’ within your FTP client. If you are utilising a shared IP address, make sure you specify this folder in your FTP settings. (This is usually the login name or domain name without the www. or .com).

Can I password protect folders on my site?

This can usually be done for no extra charge. Drop an email to Hyve support requesting the folder you would like protected, along with the username & password you would like to use. If you require a secondary user account there will be a small fee (£2/month).

Do you support SQL and MySQL databases?

All Windows hosting plans, with the exception of the Bronze plan, include an MSSQL database. All Linux hosting plans include a MySQL database. You will be given access information when you purchase a relevant hosting plan.

How do I connect to my database?

Hyve offer all manor of development related support, but before you contact us, please take a look at this excellent website which has connection string examples for all technologies: http://www.connectionstrings.com. If you are still having problems please contact Hyve support.

Do you offer Dial-Up access to the internet?

No, Hyve is not an ISP. We host and develop websites and content for our clients.

What Server hardware does Hyve use?

Hyve use HP and Cisco hardware for one reason – its the industries best. There is no single point of failure anywhere on our network (NSPOF) and all servers are genuine HP DL series chassis which utilise the best components available including RAID as standard.

Do you have a hardware guarantee?

Yes, we have a 1 hour hardware replacement guarantee. If in the unlikely event that faulty hardware is the cause of site outages, our engineers will replace the faulty component within 1 hour of being alerted. Our datacenter carries every single spare part available for all of our hardware.

Can do I use my own Custom Error pages with Plesk?

Plesk Resellers
Plesk resellers should follow these steps to enable Custom Error docs

  • Log-in to Plesk
  • Click the relevant domain
  • Click “Setup” under the “Hosting” area
  • Check the box next to “Custom Error Documents”
  • Click “OK”
  • Click “File Manager” under the “Hosting” area
  • Click “error_docs”
  • Replace the relevant file with your own custom document*.

*You can also upload your custom error pages directly via FTP to the “error_docs” folder on your FTP root.


Plesk Shared Hosting Customers
Please raise a support ticket to request that “Custom Error Documents” are enabled for your domain. You can then upload your own custom error documents to the “error_docs” folder on your FTP root.

Do you provide daily back-ups?

Provided you request backups, all servers drive content will be backed up to external DAT tape on a daily basis.

Your site will automatically be included in our backup system which consists of multi-terabyte disk arrays that, combined with Syncsort Backup Express software, enable us to securely back up and restore data via an encrypted, segregated network connection.

Please be aware that our backup system can not backup complex databases or open files (open files are any files in use during a backup attempt), nor does it back up web log files. If you run applications (like MSSQL or MySQL) that are dynamic in nature please be aware that our backup system will only be able to backup an exported snapshot of the DB which is scheduled once per night.

Do you provide monitoring?

All servers and sites can be monitored for uptime and availability at no additional charge. Shared servers are automatically monitored, but if you require specific individual monitoring just let us know and our DC team would be happy to set it up for you.

Do you provide technical support?

Absolutely! Hyve take great pride in our friendly and personal support services. We will assign you a personal support engineer and even give you assess to his or her mobile telephone. Hyve even go as far as offering limited development support, if you just cant get it to work, drop us an email maybe we can help! Our support staff and helpdesk is available 24/7/365. We also offer a variety of contact methods, including telephone, email and even limited support via instant messenger.

Do you provide unlimited email accounts?

Each account has a select number of POP3 accounts, but we do offer unlimited aliases and forwarding. You may create as many accounts as you like provided they forward to other accounts.

My email will not send, what am I doing wrong? (I get a 550 relay denied error).

In your email client such as outlook, make sure that you have “My Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication” checked. You will need to specify your email account and password for this to work. Call us if you are still having trouble.

Do you provide virus protection?

All inbound and outbound files are scanned for all known Trojans and viruses. Either via the email system or via FTP.

Do you provide any spam filtering?

Hyve take a very active roll in the battle against unsolicited email and spam, so for that reason all of our email servers provide a basic spam filter. For a small additional fee we can provide advanced corporate email services, which include more comprehensive, advanced spam filtering. This service is also free on all Managed Business Plans.

Do you support email lists?

Yes this is a free service that comes with all of our hosting accounts. More details will be provided in your setup email.

Do you offer or support ecommerce software?

Hyve have developed a bespoke ecommerce shopping system that integrates very nicely with Worldpay. If you would like further details on this system, please contact Hyve sales. We also support and offer Storefront ecommerce systems and hosting plans.

Do you provide SSL certificates?

Yes we do. Hyve offer GlobalSign and Alpha SSL certificates. Prices start at £119/year depending on the value of transactions you wish to carry out through your website.

Do you supply domain names?

Yes. We register domain names on behalf of clients with a hosting plan or server. Read more about our comprehensive Domain Services

I already own a domain, can I transfer it into Hyve?

Yes you can. Just let us know what domain you want to transfer and we will take care of it for you.

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